Panel B

Health Literacy & Engaged Decision-Making Across the Cancer Care Continuum

Cancer is a heterogeneous and complex disease that requires multifaceted decisions, especially with advancements in imaging, therapeutics, and genetics that can offer patients personalized screening and treatment regimens. This series of presentations will address health literacy considerations in the design, development, testing, and/or implementation of decision-making interventions at different stages of the cancer care continuum. Following brief presentations on individual tools that seek to improve a complex decision along the cancer care continuum, discussion will focus on themes guided by the recently updated recommendations to make decision tools more inclusive for populations across the health literacy spectrum from the International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IPDAS).

The moderator will guide panelists to discuss the key issues of: 1) Creating and using metrics beyond readability, such as actionability, in designing tools seeking to address health literacy needs; 2) Partnering with populations that have limited health literacy in intervention design; 3) Use of audiovisual features to improve comprehension; 4) Measurement of health literacy and decisional outcomes to demonstrate tool efficacy or effectiveness in the target population. Each of the panelists will discuss how they have integrated these recommendations into their work, as well as lessons learned in the process of doing so. A facilitated discussion will identify future areas for growth in creating and testing tools that empower patient decision-making across the cancer care continuum.