Special Interest Group C

Nursing Research in Health Literacy and Equity

Nurses hold a pivotal role in health care to promote health literacy and health equity. Nursing researchers are positioned to investigate and identify effective strategies to meet the Healthy People 2030 health literacy goal, “to eliminate health disparities, achieve health equity, and attain health literacy to improve the health and well-being of all.” In this Special Interest Group, novice and experienced nurse researchers will have the opportunity to first 1) learn of current nursing research projects and programs among the SIG members; 2) identifying and seeking research collaborators, and 4) opportunities for future health literacy research that addresses health equity. The SIG will start with an all group introduction and then participants will be placed into breakout rooms to discuss specific questions. The groups will come back to the larger group to summarize their discussions. The questions to guide discussion include:

  • How is your current nursing research addressing the intersection of health literacy and health equity?
  • Where can nursing interventions or programs address health equity due to health literacy?
  • What are opportunities for future nursing research?