SIG for Nursing: Policy, Practice and Armadillos: Nurses role in Health Literacy during a Pandemic Era

The Nursing Special Interest Group will explore the changes in practice that evolved during the pandemic and how they will impact nursing practice in the future. Topics will include equity, health disparities, policy changes at the systems, state and federal level. We will explore recommendations for the future policy change using evidence based outcomes to improve the health disparities of patients and families with a focus on vulnerable populations living in rural and underserved areas.

  • Explore how health literacy initiatives during the pandemic will lead to greater health equity in the future
  • Identify lessons learned: health literacy during the pandemic and nurses' role to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities
  • Identify system-wide/government/policy changes brought on by the pandemic and discuss strategies for ensuring lessons learned will lead to improvements for patients and families

The common theme is lessons learned and policy changes through nursing practice and research studies. Major points of discussion will include:

  1. Evidenced based practice policy changes brought on by nursing practice during the pandemic
  2. Policy changes at the federal level and strategies for how to build upon the progress brought on to expand nursing practice.
  3. Research by nurses and/or interprofessional /interdisciplinary teams that included nurses and how they will change practice in the future both acute and primary care.