Panel C: A Socio-Ecological Approach to Exploring Factors Influencing Mental Health Literacy in Higher Education Communities

Monday,  October 30 • 4:30pm – 6:00pm EST

Each panelist in this session will focus on a unique socio-ecological level and its relationship to mental health literacy in a university community. The panelists will explore factors such as race, religion, culture, education, and mental health experiences. The presentation aims to generate meaningful discussions and provide insights into the intersectionality of influential factors from an individual’s environment and mental health literacy. Speaker 1 will explore the individual level of the socio-ecological model (SEM), exploring demographic factors as well as how mental health experiences are associated level of mental health literacy. Speaker 2 will focus on the organizational level of the SEM, analyzing how exposure to education in schools may influence mental health literacy. Speaker 3 will cover the interpersonal level, discussing how family openness to discussions about mental health-related issues were perceived during childhood and adulthood, and how those perceptions are correlated with mental health literacy levels. Finally, Speaker 4 will examine community and societal levels of the SEM and how culture, religion, and country of origin interplay with mental health literacy.