Panel D

The need to invest in health literacy system capacity

Investment in health literacy system capacity ensures an imperative and systemic effort and transformation which can be multiplied and sustained over time and is resilient towards external trends and events, rather than relying on organizational and individual behavioural change alone.


  • How can we empower people to design, develop and implement sustainable health literacy policies, services, and systems?
  • How can we increase adoption of practices integrating a health literacy lens, where appropriate, into health-related research, to maximize the positive impact of consequent health policies on health outcomes and the health status of their populations of interest?
  • How can we motivate health systems to increase development and adoption of health literacy-informed practices, and develop partnerships to conduct the implementation science to assess if the intended effects/outcomes are being achieved?
  • What types of research are needed to demonstrate the value of implementing health literacy-based strategies to health system leaders?