Panel H: Digital and data literacies in health: What adults learners know, learn, and do

Monday, October 30 • 2:30pm – 4:00pm EST

This panel showcases current initiatives aimed at getting adult learners connected and engaged with today’s digital health eco-system. Panelists highlight the voices and experiences of adult learners, across a variety of contexts, and discuss new opportunities for partnership with the adult education system that can help to mitigate inequities related to digital access and opportunities for learning/upskilling.

The specific presentations address:

  1. The conceptualization of digital problem-solving among priority low-skilled populations
  2. Tools and standards for assessing digital health literacy in adult learner populations
  3. E-health readiness and the adult learner experience in government assistance programs
  4. Navigating issues of data privacy and health misinformation on social media among immigrant women learners.

This session will enable attendees to reflect critically on the digital and data literacy demands of our health care system and identify action steps in their own programs that can ensure the adult learner perspective is included in future digital equity and health equity efforts.