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  Poster Presentations

Health Literacy and Confidence: A Novel Approach to Patient Education to Reduce Readmissions 

Morley, Colleen M
Altra Healthcare Consulting/West Suburban Medical Center

The Role of Acculturation in Dementia Literacy of African migrants in Eastern Society: A Qualitative study

Koduah, Adwoa O, Leung, Angela L, Cheung, Teris
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

What About Mom? Abating Adolescent Maternal Mortality

Wagner, Teresa, Howe, Carol J, Faught, Cassidy
UNT Health Science Center/SaferCare Texas, Texas Christian University

Health Literacy and COVID-19 Impacts among Adults in Northern Arizona

Lindly, Olivia J, Wahl, Taylor A, Stotts, Noa M, Stidham, Levi F
Northern Arizona University

Child Dehydration Management: A Health Literacy-Focused Resource Analysis

Wallace, Lorraine S, Hohman, Christen, Stinson, Hannah E, Bhavsa, Devanshi
The Ohio State University

Low health literacy among colorectal patients in America’s Deep South associated with race, increasing age, SES

Shao, Connie C, McLeod, Marshall C, Gleason, Lauren T, Marques, Isabel D, Chu, Daniel I
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Examining the associations between COVID-19 health literacy and health behaviors among health professional college students

Vamos, Cheryl A, Lovett, Sharonda M, Piepenbrink, Rumour, Beckstead, Jason, Puccio, Joseph
University of South Florida

Examining Health Literacy and Training Needs Among Health-Degree Seeking College Students During COVID-19 

Vamos, Sandra D, Lee, Tiffany, Kang, Hyun-Bin, Vamos, Cheryl A
Western Michigan University, 2University of South Florida

Assessing Spanish Health Literacy and Cervical Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors in a Student-Run Free Clinic

Jones, Nat, Sage, Hewitt, Pereira Martinez, Valeria, Ulyanenkova Fusani, Anna, Gonzalez, Eduardo,
USF Morsani COM

Understanding the Health Literacy Strengths and Weaknesses of an antenatal clinical cohort: an interim analysis

Nottage, Casey, Louise, Jenny, Yuen, Nicola, Carroll, Liam, Dodd, Jodie,
University of Adelaide, Bendigo Health, Monash University

Validation of European Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire short forms in Cameroonian context: Cameroonian Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire short forms (HLS-Cam-Q16)

Wamba, André, Soh, Gustave, Tachom Waffo, Boris, Maingari, Daouda
Higher Teacher Training College Yaoundé, University of Yaoundé, University of Yaoundé

The dispersion of lived health literacy experiences across a southern US State

Feinberg, Iris, Tighe, Elizabeth
Georgia State University

Navigating COVID-19: Elucidating BIPOC Student Perspectives

McFadden, Trinity, Hill, Joseph C, Contreras, Jessica, Panko, Tiffany L, Hauser, Peter C

Deaf LGBT Adults’ Health Literacy: Possible Effect of Stigma

Doane, Ella, Edwards, Isabella, Wright, S. Jordan, Panko, Tiffany L, McKee, Michael M

Effects of Language Deprivation on Deaf Adults’ Cognitive Health

Gray, Margaret, Contreras, Jessica, Panko, Tiffany L, Hauser, Peter C, McKee, Michael M

Disparities in Cardiovascular Knowledge in the Deaf Community:  Importance of Accessibility

Hose, Tiana, Panko, Tiffany L, Contreras, Jessica, Hauser, Peter C, McKee, Michael M

Supporting the learning and behavior change process inherent in self-management: a pilot trial of a dyadic web-based psychosocial and physical activity self-management program (TEMPO) for men with prostate cancer and their caregivers 

Lambert, Sylvie, Duncan, Lindsay, Ellis, Janet, Peacock, Stuart, Culos-Reed, Nicole
McGill University, Sunnybrook, BC Cancer Agency, University of Alberta

Patients with rare tumor syndromes and the medical encounter

Sanctorum, Katelijne, Jacobs, An
Vrije Universiteit, Brussel

Measuring the Extent of Premature Aging, Health Literacy, and Cognitive Impairment in the Chronically Homeless

Cavanaugh, Gesulla, Ownby, Raymond, Grant, Stephen, Abreu, Maria, Johnson, Vanessa
Nova Southeastern University, EM Papper Laboratory of Clinical Immunology

Women's participation in decision making in maternity care: a qualitative exploration of clients’ health literacy skills and needs for support.

Murugesu, Laxsini, Damman, Olga C, Derksen, Marloes E, Timmermans, Danielle R, de Jonge, Ank, Smets, Ellen, Fransen, Mirjam P
Department of Public and Occupational Health, Amsterdam Public Health, Department of Midwifery Science, Amsterdam Public Health, Department of Medical Psychology, Amsterdam Public Health

Health Literate Intervention: Strategies for Implementation, Movement and Sustainability

Mirabella, Amy, Vrana, Amber, Guarnieri, Carol, Abley, Chris
HonorHealth Research Institute