2022 Posters

HARC 2022 Poster Presentations

Pilot Project for a Community Driven, Bi-Directional Health Literacy Course

Thomas Agostini

Group Coaching to Improve Patient Understanding and Use of a Decision Aid for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

Martha Burla

A Qualitative Study on What Health and Health Literacy Means to Dutch Children Aged 9-12 Years

Wieke van Boxtel

Filling a Gap in Spanish-Language Materials Assessment

Javier Chavez

Method for Assessing Online Public Health Websites and Their Accessibility to COVID-19 Therapeutic Treatment Options

Niki Eckert

Evaluation of COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging for Migrant Workers Using Neuromarketing: An Effective Tool for Participatory Research?

Natalie Erasme

"Alice's Secrets", Translation of Scientific Knowledge for Intervention in Menstruation Hygiene Literacy for Brazilian Adolescents

Beatriz Fioretti-Foschi

Assessing Fidelity of Health Literacy CARE Practices Using AHRQ Communication Observation, Self-assessment, and Patient Feedback Forms

Carol Howe

Not All Readability Scores are Equal: Assessment of the Variability and Accuracy of Readability Scores Across Online Calculators and Formulas

Olivia Mac

Advocating for Inclusive Health Literacy Initiatives by Developing a Medical Student-Mediated Model for Health Education Programming for Underserved Populations

Rachael Moak

Health Literacy is Associated with Enhanced Recover Adherence and Post-Operative Outcomes

Connie Shao

Improving Patient Experience Through Health Literacy

Stella Sigal

Relationship Between Measures of Health Literacy and Depression in an Observational Study of Diverse, Urban Participants

Claire Weaver

Community Engagement with a COVID-19 Health Literacy Collection and Curriculum

Gabriela Mustata Wilson