HARC 2023 Posters

Growing Social Networks to Build Organizational Health Literacy at the Community Level

Tetine Sentell

Tools and Resources to Support the use of Plain Language and Inclusive Approaches in the Informed Consent Process: An Informed Consent Toolkit

Marisha Palm

Learnings from an Australian consumer-centred large-scale health literacy audit of online health information

Julie Ayre

Examining the Relationship between Health Literacy and Preventive Care Use

Xuewei Chen

Sex Differences in Exposure and Believability of Health Misinformation in Rural Nebraska

Syeda Tazia Sraboni

A Multiple Methods Assessment of Factors Affecting In Hospital Provider Communication with Adults with Communication Difficulties

Kathryn L. Shady

Preliminary Findings from a Feasibility Test of Machine LearningMethods Applied to a Health Literacy Assessment of Materials

Samuel Mendez

Understanding Language Access Rights Knowledge Among Adults who are non-native English speakers and Clinical Providers

Iris Feinberg

Using plain language to reduce reader cognitive burden and improve understandability of informed consent

Iris Feinberg

Who are health literacy champions and what do they do?
A systematic review

Julie Ayre

Improving access to HIV testing for women in Davao, Philippines: A multidisciplinary training approach to build the HIV Care Continuum

Danielle A. Walker

Differential Item Functioning of Pain and Pain Interference by Health Literacy

Hosanna An

Determinants of Vaccination Health Literacy in Hungary

Gabriella Mátyás

Investigation Of The Relationship Of General And Digital Health Literacy With Various Health-Related Outcomes

Éva Bíró

Increasing Transplant Medication Knowledge Through Implementation of a Medication Education Intervention Algorithm

C. Chime Karkhang

Embedding health literacy research and best practice within a socioeconomically and culturally diverse health service: A revised model of co-creation

Danielle Muscat

Health literacy and risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes amongst market traders in the Ciudad Nueva Tacna-Peru in 2023

K. Mamani Ticona

Food Literacy And Nutritional Status Of Adolescents In Public Schools In A Brazilian Northeast City: A Pilot Study

Helena Alves de Carvalho Sampaio

Targeting Stroke Education Materials to Increase Perceived Stroke Risk Awarenessamong Young adult African Americans

Iris Feinberg

Measuring The Health Literacy Knowledge and Experience of Physical Therapists in Training And Practice: HLKES-2-PT Survey Validation and Results

Dana Martin

Measuring health literacy in adolescent students: the development of a task- and skills-based instrument for use in educational settings

Lies Sercu

Relationships between Racial Composition of Past and Current Social Environments and Adult Health Literacy

Kimberly A. Kaphingst